Need a Bed Bug Removal Service in Wyoming?

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Need a Bed Bug Removal Service in Wyoming Best Pest Control Casper WYIf you need a bed bug removal service in Wyoming, Best Pest Control in Casper, Wyoming is the place to call. With all of the recent holiday travel many of us are enjoying, we can unexpectedly pick up bed bug hitchhikers. Read on for indicators that bed bugs are invading your home and how to determine if action is needed to stop these suckers in their tracks with our pest control services.


One of the most visible signs that you need a bed bug removal service in Wyoming is that you and your family are waking up with itchy bites. Bed bug bites come in clusters or a zigzag pattern, making them easier to tell apart from other types of bug bites. Bed bugs are active at night, so noticing bites first thing in the morning is typical of bed bug bites.

Stains and Debris

There are visible indicators left behind by bed bugs if they are present. They include a trail of dark red stains. Their waste leaves behind tiny blood-like stains, and when a bed bug is crushed, rust-colored stains appear. Additionally, you can spot their discarded, bed bug larval skins which are one millimeter in size. Once they outgrow these, they are abandoned in their hiding spots, so check corners of mattresses and other furniture for signs.

Finding Bugs

No one wants to see bugs of any kind in their bedding or furniture but, it’s a good idea to take a look at your bedding and around furniture, couch seams, and even electrical outlets to see if you can actually find any bugs scurrying about. If so, they may be bed bugs. These are places bed bugs like to hide during the daytime. Take a note of their shape and size, then check online to see if they match the same description. Otherwise, call us at Best Pest Control to have us take a look.


Maybe you have noticed more sleeplessness and tossing and turning in the night. When bed bugs bite us, we may not wake up, but merely shift positions. This is another sign that these nocturnal creatures have taken up residence in our beds. If you can, take a good look at your sheets and shake them out in a well-lit area to find any red spots, discarded skins as these are the most visible signs of these bloodsuckers.


Another indicator that bed bugs are present in your home is the detection of a musky odor. They use pheromones to attract mates, and this scent can become very strong if the bed bugs are plentiful. If you have noticed an unidentified smell, trust your instincts and take a look around. Otherwise, the team at Best Pest is always ready to help determine if bed bugs are living in your home and get rid of them with fast, efficient service.

If you need a bed bug removal service in Wyoming, get professional assistance from Best Pest Control. We serve Cheyenne, Douglas and Laramie, as well as Northern Colorado. We’ll make sure you and your family get a good night’s sleep, pest free!